2016’s “Color to Avoid”

Slime-GreenDurham, N.C. – Much as been written about Pantone’s surprising choice for 2016’s Color(s) of the Year. But what’s the opposite of that?

Spoonflower has come up with the answer. The website community for independent fabric designers asked 30 of its most popular designers to submit nominations for the title of 2016’s most unfashionable, off-trend color, then put the suggestions to a vote before a panel of 270 designers.

The winner – by a landslide – was Neon Slime Lime. Spoonflower has dubbed it 2016’s “Color to Avoid.”

“If people today are seeking serenity and a chance to de-stress, this color won’t provide it,” said Robin Szypulski, a senior designer at Spoonflower, which lets users design, print and sell their own fabric, wallpaper and gift-wrap. “It’s more likely to make them wince, cringe or want to hide in a dark room.”

The winning color is formally known by the international Hex system of color classification by the code #00FF00. It was given the new name of “Neon Slime Lime” by Kim Niles, an illustrator, artist and Spoonflower fabric designer from Oak Harbor, Washington.

Other suggestions included from “Blinding Radioactive Lime” to “Screaming Leprechaun Green.”

“Neon green can only be worn by elves, gnomes and maybe a fairy attending a music festival in the swamp,” said Virginia Odien, a fabric designer from Riverside, California.