Exhibition to showcase Indian textiles to be held in Dubai

textile exhibition

“The Incredible Indian Textile Industry’s First Exhibition” will be held in Dubai next week from India to 19 companies, with the aim of establishing strategic alliances with importers in the UAE.

Synthetic and man-made textile export promotion council (SRTEPC) of India, a vertex manufacturer and exporter of man-made fiber (MMF) textiles, is organizing exhibitions February 19 to 20 in Abu Dhabi with Indian embassies and Consulate General of India in Dubai.

19 Indian manufacturing or export enterprises – representing product categories from yarn to fabric, and fabricated, is involved, said the Indian Consulate in Dubai.

India is the world’s second largest producer of synthetic fibers and yarns, cotton, cellulose fibers and silk.

Participate in the exhibition will exhibit a wide range of products, such as suits, your company, decorative materials, home textiles, made of clothing.

The aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate MMF’s incredible Indian textiles and textiles with a range of fabrics containing blended fabrics, made of yarn, including clothing importers in the UAE to promote the specific requirements of the textile from India.

In addition to establishing strategic alliances and global partnerships for UAE buyers and Indian companies, India aims to strengthen trade relations between the two countries, especially in the fastest growing textile sector.

India exports synthetic and rayon (MMF) worth $ 5.79 billion in textiles in 2015 – 16 more than 150 countries.

The Middle East countries have become a major destination for the MMF textile export share of 29% ($ 1,790.65 million), followed by 25% ($ 14.7402 billion) in Asia and 20% (11.7066 billion) of EU quality awareness, the statement said.

The main market for India’s MMF textile exports in the 2015 – 16 UAE in the total export market share of 12% followed by the United States (9%) and Turkey (8%).

UAE imports worth $ 17 billion in 2015 from the world of textiles and apparel products.