Nest Easy Breather Pillow Review

Open shot of the Coop Home Good pillow outer cover, inner cover, and memory foam fill

Do you want to look for a new pillow? Today may be the day of all your dreams come true. The recently updated Nest Bedding Easy Breather pillow say hello.


Nest Easy Breather Natural Latex Pillow




The Nest Easy Breather natural latex pillow is constructed with a latex noodle fill, soft fibers, and an organic cotton cover. With a fill of Okeo Tex latex foam noodles, this pillow is designed to provide a soft, moldable feel. Typically, latex pillows contain a block of latex instead of the noodle fill used inside of the Easy Breather. This usually means is less can be molded and overall more solid feel. Nest of Easy Breather design allows more classic feeling, better molding, cool better.

Open shot of the Coop Home Good pillow outer cover, inner cover, and memory foam fill

With a zipper on one end of the pillow, you have the option of opening up the cover and removing some of the fill in order to give the pillow a customized height and feel. Take it all out, take half out, or don’t take any out at all. The choice is yours with the Easy Breather pillow. Additionally, no flame retardants or chemicals are used in the making of this pillow.



Noodled latex fill in the Nest Easy Breather natural latex pillow

Easy Breather natural latex pillow cover is made of organic cotton. Organic cotton cover gave a beautiful, soft feeling. Along the pillows are running around in the name of the pillow in the silver cord. The ribbon does not serve much of a functional purpose, but it does add a sleek finish to the overall appearance of the pillow. The off-white color and silver ribbon come together to create a sharp aesthetic. In addition, the zipper used to open the cover is sturdy and continuously opened without any issues during my tests.


Feel & Support


The feel of the Easy Breather natural latex pillow is one of the most unique feels I have tested to date. The combination of the organic cotton cover and latex noodles / proprietary fiber fill makes for a soft, supportive, and moldable feel. Filled with latex noodles, the response time of this pillow is above average. Even if you remove a large amount of the fill inside, the response time really does not change. Once pressure is applied and removed, the pillow bounces right back into its original shape. This can be beneficial for the sleepers who tend to switch positions frequently, as your head will not sink deeply or feel trapped by the pillow. you can choose to add components to meet your style of sleep, as mentioned above, there is no right or wrong to take out the quantity. You can customize according to your specific needs.

Easy Breather – memory foam version

As a stomach sleeper, I removed about 70% of the filling. This flattened out the pillow, allowing me to sleep in a much more comfortable position with consistent spinal alignment. My wife, Samantha, is primarily a back sleeper and only removed about 40% of her Easy Breather. These pillows come stuffed to the absolute max. After removing 40% of the fill, Samantha’s Easy Breather latex pillow sat at a more traditional loft.

This pillow is quite high, contains the attic that is higher than in most other pillows. It is pleasant to the plasticity of the pillow, and allowed me to squeeze the pillow into the shape of anything I want, while still providing a high level of support my head and neck.

Finally, cooling. With a shredded noodle filling versus the more traditional block of material, this pillow is able to breathe quite easily. The latex also adds a nice degree of cooling, as latex tends to have a higher level of breathability compared to most other foams. Throughout my sleep tests I never once noticed any signs of heat build up or hot spots on this pillow. The organic cotton cover and latex noodles do a great job of working together to dissipate any heat and provide a cool sleeping surface.


Nest Easy Breather Memory Foam Pillow



The structure of the Nest Easy Breather memory pillow similar to latex version. The main difference due to internal use of filling. As the name suggests, the use of memory foam pillow noodles noodles instead of latex. Memory foam is designed to provide similar to the feeling of latex soft can be molded, has a slower response time.

Easy Breather memory foam pillow construction

This pillow also contains a zipper at one end of cover, which allows the sleeper to remove filling to their desired level. As in the latex Easy Breather, no harmful substances are used in the making of this pillow.




The cover of the memory foam Easy Breather is designed with a Tencel blended fabric. This cover also contains the same silver ribbon the latex Easy Breather uses. The ribbon runs along the perimeter of the pillow and adds a nice touch to the white fabric used on the top and bottom. Instead of an all white pillow, the memory foam Easy Breather’s silver ribbon helps turn it into a more luxurious aesthetic.

Noodled memory foam fill in the Nest Easy Breather memory foam pillow

On the cover of another additional benefit is durable zippers. Many times, zipper on the pillow use tend to fall off or on the lining of the pillow. This is not a simple breathing apparatus. Running up and down the zipper on the pillow without any problems.


Feel & Support


With fully adjustable capabilities, the Easy Breather memory foam pillow offers quite an impressive feel. Between the Tencel cover and memory foam noodle / soft fiber fill, the moldability and support of this pillow is unique to say the least. Although the latex Easy Breather possess the same qualities, the memory foam version of this pillow provides a slightly different feel. Memory foam is known for its adaptive contour and hug. Latex tends to respond much quicker than memory foam. That said, not everyone enjoys the quicker response time. For those sleepers that enjoy a deeper hug and more subtle response time, the Easy Breather memory foam pillow could be a great option.

Easy Breather – memory foam version

The most important thing is that a broken pillow filling reaction is a very different response time you will get a piece of foam. You left in the simple respirator filling quantity is less, the less response. You really will only be noticed that a lot of filler remained in the reaction of the pillow.

The ability to remove the filling allows the sleeper to personalize their pillow, creating the exact level of support and height they need. Throughout my sleep tests both Samantha and I felt supported in each of our sleeping positions. Your sleeping position, preferences, and body type will determine the level of fill best suited to your needs. Just as with the latex Easy Breather I removed about 70% of the fill to create a very flat pillow on my stomach. My wife removed about 40% to sleep on her side.

As latex pillow, I did not experience the memory foam pillow any easy ventilation main insulation. Latex Easy Breather sleep may be a touch cooler than the memory foam, but two pillows, I won’t be described as warm sleep.




The Nest Bedding Easy Breather pillow is quite simply the best pillow I have ever tested. Exceptional material quality, great design, solid build quality, and great customer service round out the Easy Breather. Whether you prefer the feel of memory foam or latex there’s a good choice for you. The adjustable feature on the Easy Breathers make them an amazing option for both moldability, support, and variable height levels, which in turn means they are a great choice for any sleeper style. It’s not a cheap pillow, but one that you’ll find is well worth the money.